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About the Family-2-Family Health Information Center of Arkansas (F2F HIC)
The Family-2-Family Health Information Center of Arkansas (F2F HIC) was founded in June 2009, with a federal grant from the Maternal & Child Health Bureau (MCHB), a division of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).
The F2F HIC grant was put together by a very special group of dedicated professionals who have all worked in the health disability arena for many years. These professionals comprise a Steering Committee which, once the grant was awarded, put together a project plan for getting the F2F HIC up and running here in Arkansas.
The Steering Committee are all members of organizations which have strong ties to the disability community in Arkansas, including the Arkansas Disability Coalition, Partners for Inclusive Communities (Arkansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities), the Title V Children with Special Health Care Needs Division of the Arkansas Department of Human Services, and Arkansas Children's Hospital.


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