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Brain Injury Alliance of Arkansas
PO Box 26236
Little Rock, AR 72221

Mission Statement: The Brain Injury Alliance of Arkansas is dedicated to serving individuals with brain injury, as well as their families, living in Arkansas.
Overview: The Brain Injury Alliance of Arkansas is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization committed to serving individuals with an acquired brain injury, as well as their families. The Alliance was formed in 1998 by a group of individuals with brain injury, their family members, their friends, and professionals in response to the lack of available services specific to the unique needs of individuals with brain injuries. The Alliance is a chartered member affiliate of the United States Brain Injury Alliance, Inc. Arkansas’ Alliance provides services in four core areas: advocacy; education; information and resources; and prevention and support services.

In May 2012, the Brain Injury Alliance of Arkansas opened a community center to provide social, recreational, welfare, and health information assistance to related individuals with brain injuries. The facility, located at 1000 Main Street, is used as a meeting space, community outreach, and support-group resource center.

The Alliance also provides access to many Internet support services, including chatrooms, online support groups, and caregiver support mailing and email lists. Some of these resources are dedicated specifically to children or veterans with brain injuries; others are in Spanish. Also available through the Alliance’s website is recent news regarding brain injury, as well as a list of health care providers and organizations, rehabilitation personnel, and legal services.

Age Groups Served: ALL ages
Diagnoses Served: Traumatic brain injury
Geographic Areas Served: ALL counties in Arkansas. Online resources.


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We are making a difference in the lives of families with disabilities in Arkansas. 

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